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Nice to see, large in size, glossy color- No, there is no guarantee of this in our products. Because, we grow original and organic varieties of fruits, crops and vegetables. Our dairy or other agricultural products are guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals and adulterants.

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Entrepreneur Karamot Ullah Biplob is the founder of Rupriti Agro Farm. He has the highest degree in the history of the university. Journalist by profession. But, his addiction is in agriculture.


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Our customers are awesome!

What They Think ?

Our customers are awesome!

What They Think ?

About  Rup Riti Agro Farm

RupRiti Agro Farm started its journey in 2011 to bring back the old days of rural agriculture by adopting 100% organic methods. The main goal of which is to bring back the prosperity of local varieties of crops and vegetables. The beginning of this farm is where it is an area of agricultural diversity in Rangpur.

That is why big business groups from all over the country has set up their branches in the area.
Under their supervision is the cultivation of foreign varieties of crops, vegetables, fruits and poultry. Yields have gone up, prices have gone down. But huge losses have been made to the crops of the old famous varieties of local farmers. Many famous agricultural products of this region have disappeared. These include rice, medicinal vegetables and fruits.

Karamot Ullah Biplob
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